Markeita S Pruitt, proprietor, and operator of beauty brand Touch of Heaven Artistry and CEO of The Suite Life Salons, LLC., and The Suite Life Luxury Suites, was born with a passion for hair. Growing up as a kid, she played “beauty shop” with all her friends, and became well known throughout her academic years as the “neighborhood beautician”. In 2004, after several layoffs, she decided to follow her passion and registered at her local college to obtain her Cosmetology degree. The triumph that followed that decision has been monumentous. 


Her salon space has always been a place of ministry that paves a way for mental, emotional, and spiritual growth not only for her clientele but for herself as well. 


A published author, and currently working on her second and third, Markeita anticipates greater opportunities to educate stylists, minister to the youth and women of all cultures, as well as continue developing her businesses and launching new ventures as the Lord instructs. Her resume includes collaborations with brands such as Cantu, Motions, Kinky Curly Yaki, Kinkistry, TeamNatural, Bella Kinks, Uncle Funky’s Daughter, Naturally Happy Hair, Aunt Jackie's (just to list a few) and stood on educational platforms such as The Natural Hair Industry Convention and Mississippi Natural Hair Expo.

SPECIALTY:  Natural Hair, Hair Color, Precision Cuts


Kendra Howard is new to Texas. She is a former salon owner of over 10 years and hairstylist of over 20 years. Growing up in Louisiana with a mother, grandmother, uncle, and great-grandmother as hairstylists, the salon became a second home. As a child, Kendra began to nurture her passion for hair. By junior year in high school, she attended beauty school offered through a Louisiana local career center.

By 20 years of age, Kendra was licensed and excited about the journey to entrepreneurship. God's grace has afforded her many opportunities including becoming a celebrity hairstylist. She worked on sets on a few well-known movies filmed in Louisiana. In 2021, she decided to take a leap of faith by moving to Texas to create a better life and opportunities for her sons and herself. She closed her salon, sold her home, and trusted God.. He has not failed.

Kendra is a strong believer and follower of Christ and truly believes in a Roman 8:28 lifestyle. 

"For we know that all things work together for the good of them that love God and are called according to his purpose".

- Romans 8:28

SPECIALTY: Relaxers, Short Hair, Natural Hair, Weaves, and Sew-Ins


Lucreshia Samples has been a licensed stylist for 14 years. Having worked at Kelsey-Seybold for 12 years, she decided to take a leap of faith and leave behind the good job and great benefits to follow a path of entrepreneurship. She credits God for having more in store than she could have ever imagined for herself. Her love for hair dates back to her days in high school, in which she always found herself doing someone's hair. Whether natural or relaxed, Lucreshia was always game. This was the catalyst that led her to make the decision to complete beauty school.  

While the paycheck from Kelsey-Seybold was incentive enough to stay, after taking the leap, Lucreshia has never looked back and has no regrets. 

She credits her ability to do what she does best to the supportive and loving role of her husband, who also was a huge pillar in her transition from corporate to entrepreneurship.

This journey as a hairstylist has created a less stressful life and has given the grace for her to live in her truth. Having a family-oriented salon, she serves clients of all ages and makes healthy hair a priority by making sure all clients leave looking good, feeling good, and confident about their hair care.

While serving as a hairstylist, she is also a wife and mother to 2 beautiful children. 


SPECIALTY:  Relaxers, Natural Hair, Silk Press, Facials


Sasha Flanagan has been in the beauty industry for 10 years! She holds a license in Esthetics from Aveda Institute and a license in Braiding and Weaving from Franklin Beauty. Her specialty is natural hair, creating diverse styles with twists, braids, coils, and crochet. She also provides makeup and brow services in the Houston area. She's excited to be a part of the Touch of Heaven team and to see you in her chair soon!




SPECIALTY:  Natural Hair, Kid Styles, Crochet, Makeup


Francheska began experimenting with her own hair at an early age by creating different hairstyles. She sharpened her skills through the years by styling family and friends. This simple fact made it clear that hairstyling would play a role in her life, but had no idea just how big that role would be.

Hair has always been a passion for Francheska and can recall that no matter what venture of life she was in, hairstyling was always there. Francheska has been blessed with not only the talent but also the passion to care about people and protect their hair in the process. In 2016, she decided to turn her side passion into her main passion. The Royal Experience Salon began. What started off as just a small vision has now given birth to greater meaning and purpose. 

Francheska aims to teach others that it is possible to have healthy hair while wearing protective styles.

Her career has afforded the opportunity to venture into other sectors of the beauty industry and looks to the future - hopeful for what's in store.






SPECIALTY:  Braids, Extensions, Weaves, Kid Styles, Natural Hair, Locs, Crochet


Denise Jordan is a native Houstonian who demonstrates hairstyling not just as a profession but as a passion. She owns "The Manasseh Experience" hair salon, where her clients describe it as "The Five Star Hair Spa". Denise is knowledgeable in revitalizing damaged hair and specializes in various hair textures, lengths, and extension installations. She is also a skilled maker of customized wig units - including frontals, closures, u-parts, and clip-ins. She also participates in cosmetology programs that teach students how to make wigs. 

Serving as a mentor for the Houston Independent School District, Denise encourages students to pursue their dreams. At the age of 20, she always dreamed of becoming a hairstylist, inspired by her late grandmother's wig collection. Denise would restyle her grandmother's wigs to keep them looking just as beautiful as her grandmother. As a cosmetologist, Denise encountered several women suffering hair loss caused by autoimmune diseases, stress, medication, etc. As they expressed their grief and hopelessness, she was compelled to create wigs for comfort and was successful at formulating "Improve ME" hair oil to stimulate and strengthen hair follicles to promote hair growth. 

Her heart's desire for people's lives to be impacted motivated her to teach innovatively. Denise is currently pursuing her goals of becoming a cosmetology instructor, developing her hair products, and creating a designer line of wigs. 

SPECIALTY: Wigs, Weaves, Braids, Hair Color


Toni the Stylist, formally known as Antonia Segura, is a professional braider from Houston, Texas who specializes in the braiding and styling of all textures of men, women, and children. Starting out in the 8th grade a "The braiding lady" in the neighborhood. Toni the Stylist skillset has matured through 10+ years of experience and through studying cosmetology at Paul Mitchell The School - Houston. The overall objective for all who find themselves seated in the chair of Toni the stylist is to leave satisfied and loving the crown that they carry. 








SPECIALTY:  Braids, Extensions, Twists, Cornrows, Crochet, Braids